US rapper, Soulja Boy threatens Wizkid’s life

American Hip Hop star, Soulja Boy has issued death threats to Nigerian Afrobeats superstar, Ayodeji Balogun also known as Wizkid.

The rapper said he would beat up Wizzy over an issue of comparison that was raised by fans on micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

It all started when Wizkid FC replied to a post of Soulja where he attacked the Joro crooner over a comment he made 13 years ago.

In May 2010, Wizkid took to his Twitter account to lambast the rapper saying; “I swear Soulja Boy is wack! Jeeeezzzzz”.

But in a response last year, Soulja boy quoted the tweet and wrote: “Ya mama Wack. Shut ya bitch ass up”

A fan @Wizownfrogboy then revisited the matter and on February 24, 2023 tweeted; “@souljaboy wiz own you lil bra”

Soulja Boy who was provoked by the comment went on a rant and attacked Wizkid on the social networking service.

In a series of now deleted tweets, the rapper wrote; “Wizkid is puxxy. This flyer is cap keep playing and we gon find y’all and beat y’all ass b$$ch ass niggaz f**k y’all.

Umma slap you when I see you @wizkidayo.”