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UNIMAID student allegedly attacks woman for rejecting love proposal

A University of Maiduguri student identified as Saleem Ibrahim, has allegedly attacked a woman, Hauwa Abatcha Ngala, for turning down his advances.

The victim who studies at College of Nursing Sciences, Maiduguri, survived the attack which occurrd around 8:30pm on February 26, 2024.

A counter-insurgency expert and security analyst, Zagazola Makama reported the incident on Friday and disclosed that the suspect has been arrested.

It was alleged that Saleem, a student in the Department of Biochemistry, had for some time made attempts to force Hauwa to accept his love proposal.

The suspect was said to have told her point-blank that she either love him or suffer the most-gruesome consequences. “I can even kill you, and nothing will happen,” he allegedly warned.

But Hauwa, who did not feel the same way about Saleem, reportedly did her best to break free from all his pranks and mischief against her.

On Feb. 26, seeing that she will not agree to his wishes, Saleem allegedly became physically violent with Hauwa, hitting her hard twice with a club until she fainted.

Saleem ran away after the attack, but fortunately for Hauwa she survived the attack through the intervention of her relatives, whom she explained the situation to.

The relatives reported the incident to the police on the night of the same day, where she was given an emergency help. However, the JTF civilian volunteers swung into action after learning of the development, and arrested Saleem that same night, after which he was handed over to the police at the Gomari Division Office.