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Unhappy lady accepts boyfriend’s proposal after friends persuaded her to say Yes (Watch video)



A video which has gone viral on social media captures a lady being urged to accept as her boyfriend proposed marriage to her.

She sat on the floor while her man could be seen standing while holding a ring in his hand, but she seemed hesitant.

The incident reportedly happened in Oyo state.

Some people in the background believed to be their friends could be heard persuading her to agree to marry him.

After much pleas, she eventually succumbed and he put the ring in her finger, though she looked unhappy.

Their friends then cheered and clapped while congratulating the couple who sealed the engagement with a hug.

Watch the video below..

In reaction, teeh_lyfstyle said; Boya the person shouting say yes should help her collect ring 🥲

sir_eltee; Say yes, say yes, is it by force? Stop pressuring people into saying yes. If she’s this hesitant or unexcited, it means she doesn’t wanna do it.

favzyblossom; She go return the ring later it’s so obvious 😂

og____zamani; But if nah to collect money she no go escape that one 😂😂😂😂😂

uloodenigbo; If you’re a man trying to propose to a lady and people at the background trying to make her say yes to you or too much begging to get her say yes..pls dear men you all should rethink

ewalley__; It’s wrong to add your silly opinion by shouting ” say yes” it’s not your place to decide! It’s her relationship let her decide to walk away or take it!!

nellynells__; I shouted Jesus! Marriage is not do n die

pwesshy22_; This love thing you people are doing is it sweet ? 🥺

sir_tijaja; Omoh. So Some of you are really dating people you don’t genuinely like or crave to spend the rest of your life with?

xx.lyn; What sort of aggressive proposal is this?🤦🏼‍♀️

chukymeks; Somebody is about to receive premium breakfast, served with Chapman 😂 na here we go dey.

Similarly, in a video posted on social media, a young man proposed to his woman in a shopping mall but she refused to accept.

The lady left him on his knees and started walking out of the place but he quickly stood up and tried to stop her from leaving.

In a swift reaction, she turned and landed a hot slap on his face and it was a destabilising one that left him shook.

She then stormed off and never turned back while the guy remained in the same position as other men gathered round to console him.

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