Unfaithful man threatens wife as she refuses to let him do DNA test on their 4 kids

A UK-based Nigerian lawyer, Baron Chymaker has shared the complicated case he was called upon to resolve involving a Nigerian couple.

He said the husband wants to carry out DNA test on his four children, but his wife is refusing to allow him go ahead with the test.

But what the woman does not know is that her husband demanding paternity test already has two children out of wedlock, with his side chic.

He further said the man is threatening to divorce his wife if she insists on not agreeing to the test.

The lawyer who is confused on what to do asked social media users for advise on the best way to handle the matter.

Baron wrote; “Someone brought me into a matter about a Nigerian couple. The man is threatening to leave the wife if she does not agree to DNA for their 4 children.

The wife does not want the DNA. The problem is, I know the man have 2 children with his side hen that his wife isn’t aware of. What do I do ?”

Reacting, @1remendazero said; Persuade him and the wife to do the DNA test and if it is revealed that one or any kids from the wife are not his and he threatens fire and brimstone, remind him that he is also guilty of the same offense.

@ChuxOgbuagu; The man is not using wisdom. If you have any remote reasons to do DNA test, must you inform your wife?

@Azugreat28; The harder you convince the Man to go ahead with the DNA test, the more hatred the wife has for you and the more you tell him not to,he begins to suspect your trust. So just be neutral,the matter will settle itself naturally na couple issue

Meanwhile in similar news…

An Abuja-based man suspcted that his wife committed paternity fraud because their six-year-old child does not look like any of them.

He made a decision to carry their daughter for DNA test after visiting his wife’s office last Friday and seeing that their kid shares a striking resemblance with her employer.

The confused man took to social media to ask netizens to direct him to a medical centre where he can go for DNA testing in the Federal Capital Territory.

He wrote: “Where they do cheap DNA testimg in Abuja. Biko. Help me. This woman I married wants to run me mad. This face I see on this Baby isn’t mine in any way.

My baby is 6 years old and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She does not look like either of us. Last Friday, I went to my wife’s office, You won’t believe that her boss is an exact replica of my daughter.”