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Unemployed man with two degrees hits the streets with placard to beg for job



An unemployed young man who has two degrees, has hit the streets with a placard in hand, to begin searching for a job.

The graduate captured the attention of motorists who were passing by the location he stationed himself

He held a placard which indicated that he was a Financial Management graduate and he also has a qualification in BCom Law.

The man who said he has four years experience in Accounts Payable, revealed that he is not begging for money, rather he just wants a job.

According to him, he is currently  furthering his studies and needs the money to take care of school needs.

Social media users recommended ways in which they feel he can be helped.

@Thebe47754450; With the way this government system is structured graduates won’t win, my advice is let’s go into the informal sector space and create opportunities for ourselves otherwise ul spend 10years job hunting.

@MunyaKen; I can feel for that man. He has probably been told that he is too qualified for the opportunities available. I have been there and once had to hide my qualifications just to get the entry level job.

@Prudy008; I have never imagined that one day graduates will be holding posters begging for employment yhooo Jesu kunzima

@MyranPaul10; Now how does this Government get involved to save at least one unemployed person

@SharonMore99; This is very painful indeed.

@4waysKid; Strange though…this EXACT picture was shared here in this app a few weeks back… and you saw him yesterday? suppose at least he getting exposure through the content mongering Smirking faceMechanical arm

@SolwaziMachi; I think our government should come up with something for youth after graduation

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