UK-based man loses care job after fellow Nigerian reported him to supervisor (Video)

A Nigerian man has reportedly been sacked from his special care job in the United Kingdom after being caught sleeping on the job.

He lost the job after a female co-worker who is also a Nigerian, saw him sleeping, recorded him and sent the video to their supervisor.

In a video shared on social media, another man in UK who is privy to the details narrated what happened.

He said the care worker was approached by his supervisor after watching the video and asked him what he would do if he finds out one of the staff always sleeps at the office.

Not knowing that they superior was talking about him, he said that if he sees such, he would sack the staff without hesitation and that was how he got fired.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile in other news…

A Nigerian nurse working abroad, has recounted the tragic incident involving one of her colleagues that recently happened.

She said her fellow nurse fainted after working for 73 hours without taking a break, all in a bid to support her husband who’s studying.

According to the narrator, the woman’s husband is doing his master’s degree programme so he could not afford to work and school at the same time.

She said the woman and her husband moved abroad together on student visa with the woman being the dependant. But the husband refused to work for 20 hours, saying that he has to be studying for his msc degree.

This forced his wife to take up extra shifts so that she can meet up with financial demands of the family as the man was unable to cater for everyone.

Unfortunately, the nurse fainted while on duty and was rushed to another hospital. It was at the medical facility that the patient explained what happened to her.