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U.S. govt lists Wakanda as a business partner, trading in Ducks and Donkeys



The US Department of Agriculture listed fictional nation, Wakanda as a free-trade partner, despite the fact that the country doesn’t exist.

Wakanda is a fictional East African country from Black Panther, which was adapted into a film last year. But the USDA listed it as one of their free-trade partners.

The department’s online tariff tracker hosted a detailed list of goods US and Wakanda apparently traded, including ducks, donkeys and dairy cows.

He told Reuters news agency that when he first saw Wakanda on the list, he got “very confused”.“I thought I mis-remembered the country from the movie and got it confused with something else,” he said.

A USDA spokesperson said the Kingdom of Wakanda was added to the list by accident during a staff test.

The fictional country was removed soon from the list after US media first queried it, prompting jokes that the countries had started a trade war.

After the listing was removed, a USDA spokesman told the Washington Post that Wakanda’s listing was added as a test file for staff, and was never supposed to be public.

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