Two uniformed police officers publicly exchange blows (Video)

Two Nigerian police officers in uniform have been captured on tape fighting in public over an undisclosed issue.

In a video which surfaced on social media, the men were seen coming out of a police patrol vehicle while dragging and throwing punches at each other.

The fight got so intense that one of their colleagues had to intervene and seperate them, afterwhich they all went back into the car.

Police Public Relations Officer in Gombe, Maheed Muazu condemned the conduct of the security personnel, writing, “Bad attitude, it can’t be tolerated.”

Watch the video below:

In reaction, @ObaTojo; Agbofinro wrote; ????? O ga oooo. Our security system needs overhauling. Ati ko eran mero.

@1mafiamanager; The funniest is that they still entered the car and sat in the same space

@imarahoo; members of the force fighting with their uniform on should be immediate dismissal.

The force has failed to uphold discipline for too long. The effect of that is destroying the possibilities of seeing an affective policing system.

@ChibuzoUdolisa; So unprofessional, and the one who waded into them with an assault rifle in his hand. He never thought a provoked enough one could have snatched the rifle from him and do regrettable things with it.

@SodiqAkan; Civilian in uniform, indiscipline force

@alexandaevergr1; E be like say dem no share the đź’° equally, And query to this camera man for shaking his hand during recording

@bestmanAlex26; People wey suppose to fight crime, dey fight themselves…naija which wey

@StephenAkar; Na so two of them shoot each other for Karu, Abuja a few years ago over woman wey e get big nyansh o!

@JFaminigba; Thank God non is with arm, it would have been a different story.