Two female students exchange hot slaps over one man in class (Video)

Intense drama recently played out in the lecture theatre of a Nigerian university as two ladies got into a heated fight over a male student.

A video which has gone viral on social media shows the man sitting with a lady named Titi, when her friend walked up to confront them.

Two female students exchange hot slaps over one man in class

She gave Titi a heavy slap, and before the lady started fighting back, she first landed a slap on the face of the man she was with.

The situation escalated into an exchange of slaps and punches between both women, and the man at the centre of the quarrel tried to intervene but it seemed futile. Titi also slapped the man, who is believed to be dating both of them.

Other students in class who had been watching the drama eventually got involved and attempted to calm both parties down, but they insisted on fighting.

A separate video showed when the young man approached the lady in another lecture hall and her friend stood up to challenge him but he slapped her till she fainted.

Watch the video:

@Tontocj; The girl in black felt so insulted ngl.. she was imagining how she got in this situation in the first place. Nigga deserved that slap 😭😭

@lastborn0805; Why two of them slap the boy tho? 😂 You should tell us the whole story. 😂.

@Irunnia_; This boy dey fool. See as them dey slap you for matter wey you no sabi?

@esshman; Why did the black girl transfer the sl^p to the guy? Why did the white girl also sl^p the guy?

@joejoeboy0; That boy na obonte😂😂😭😭. You chop first slap still dey defend the girl. Still come chop second slap. Win/Draw.

@SandraAdaeze4; Babes that fight because of men are special breed, imagine how strong one needs to be to fight not to mention fighting because of a man, I can’t even try this, they will beat me like a thief.

@forzybrown; The part where the girl on black slapped the boyfriend and still trying to fight the other girl for the same is what I’m still yet to understand

@Chris_jay007; They are risking being rusticated because of a boy that won’t even marry any of them. Women can be so emotional.