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Twitter user advices Nigerians to quit their 9-5 jobs and chase their dreams



A Twitter user on boxing day, advised Nigerians and anyone who cared to heed that they should quit their regular day jobs in 2020, and chase their dreams or what they have passion for.

The man with Twitter handle, @MrAkinbosola who is based in Abuja, tweeted: “in 2020 Quit your 9-5 and chase your dreams.”

This however did not go down well with another user that claims to know him, who gave a savage response.

Giving the reply, @TheoAbuAgada wrote: “Lol… Akin, I know you too well. I am Theophilus Abu. Stop this nonsense.

“Were you not the one that grounded the business that was entrusted to you in Area 11? You were once my manager at Epitome. Stop deceiving people on Twitter.

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