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Twelve-year old Primary six boy commits suicide



A 12-year-old Primary 6 pupil, identified as Kasarachi Odurukwe, has reportedly died after he allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself off an Indian bamboo tree with a rope at Agboala Ishiala Umudi autonomous community in Nkwerre council area of Imo State..

Odurukwe was said to have continuously complained of how the “world has become boring to him” after his parents’ death.

The deceased who led his two siblings and other kids to a nearby stream to fetch water on Wednesday February 5, reportedly used a stick to check the depth of the stream before bringing out a rope he used in hanging himself on a nearby bamboo tree.

According to a someone who knew the 12-year-old “Having not been satisfied with the shallow dept of the water, the deceased was said to have taken a rope and tied it up to a bamboo tree. But his first and second attempts to kill himself failed while the other kids were begging him to stop.”

“It was the third attempt that on a stronger Indian bamboo tree that the rope strangled him to death. That action jolted the other kids, who ran back to the village to report the incident to the family and villagers elders”.

Four batteries were found at the scene of the incident and it is speculated that he intended to drink it as poison before opting to hang himself. The police were called in and they helped in depositing the corpse of the little boy in the morgue.

Odurukwe and his two younger siblings were living with their aunt in the village at the time of the incident.

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