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Music: Turn My Life – Emmanuel Tega

Emmanuel Tega – Turn My Life (Play online and download)



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Title: Turn My Life
Artiste: Emmanuel Tega
Producer: E. T CONCEPT SIR
Genre: Gospel
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You are marvellous
so excelent
so loving

you are Yahweh [x2]

And you are marvellous
you are so excellent
I kept on asking
if Na this God dey bless me

Oh this God see how you turn my life
you turn my life into a dancing place
you made a way when there was no way [x2]

I love you Lord
from the dept of my heart
omekanaya you showed me fatherly love o
When I close my eyes

All i see is your mercy
your greatness
and your kindness
your love your love

is indescribable oh oo
You are owner of my world
your love is like rear stone
king of kings you are

lord of lord oh o Lord o
why you do me this
maybe I don’t understand
I really have no one

and was all alone in the dark
and creepy place
but you made rise again

CHORUS (repeat 2)


When I think of the things I Don see
when I think of the Good you Don do
I’m so Glad lord

lord to say I’m greatful [x2]

Lord you change my name from shame to Glory
lord you change my case from manage to enjoy
Imela thank you holy one
I used to have no one

was all alone
but when you showed up
things change from disgrace to grace
from poverty to prosperity

and there is no one like you
who can love me like the way you do
because I have you omekanaya uh oh oo

CHORUS (repeat 2)

My heart is filled o

with Jesus inside [x2]

my life is filled oooo

with Jesus inside [x2]

Repeat Bridge x3

CHORUS (repeat 2)

[/text][text text_format=””]Emmanuel Tega is a music artist, producer, song writer and also an orchestral who base in Agbor, Delta State.[/text]

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