Tunde Onakoya reveals he can play chess blindfolded, shares video

Founder of Chess In Slums Africa, Tunde Onakoya has revealed that he is capable of playing chess with his eye blindfolded.

The techpreneur made the bold claim via his Twitter account, adding that he can do so against three people simultansously.

Tunde shared this weird fact about himself in response to a tweet that read; What’s the nerdiest thing about you? This is a safe nerdy space. 😊

The Chess master also shared a video of him playing chess without using his eyes to back up his claim.

He wrote; “I can play chess blindfolded against 3 people simultaneously. Blindfold chess also known as sans voir is a form of chess play wherein the players do not see the positions of the pieces and do not touch them.

This forces players to maintain a mental model of the positions of the pieces. Moves are communicated via a recognized chess notation.

Here’s a video of me playing without seeing the board against a fairly strong player sometime last month. I won the game but it probably wasn’t a fair match up. Playing 3 boards simultaneously is not as hard as most people think.”

Meanwhile, he earlier took to social media to share the transformation of an area boy he took off the streets.

He said that he met the kid named Ayomide alongside others under the Oshodi bridge in Lagos state more than a year ago.

Tunde enlisted the boys in a street to chess initiative which saw them use their brains in a competition in 2021.

According to the techpreneur, Ayomide is now a web developer and graphics who flies with him during trips to Abuja and meetings with personalities.

Tunde celebrated young Ayomide’s journey from a being a bus conductor who slept under the bride, to now flying for important events.

He shared before vs after photos and wrote; “Thinking about Ayomide today… We met him as an Area boy under oshodi bridge a little over a year ago but is now a Web developer and graphics designer.

No longer a pawn in another man’s game, but the hero of his own story. I take him with me on my flights to Abuja and visits to important people so he sees how valuable his existence his. One day, he’ll get to pay it forward and only then will our work truly be done❤️ This is Day 1.

Just a few months ago, Ayomide was just another random street kid working as a bus conductor and living under oshodi bridge will no hope of a future. Today he created his own web page and online store using HTML and CSS. We’re creating a new story for the African child🚀♥️”