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Tuface’s wife, Annie Idibia, accused of beating up her brother’s fiancee, destroying her properties, and abducting their child



Innocent Idibia’s wife, Annie Idibia, has been accused by his brother’s wife for allegedly attacking her. The lady who was simply identified as Doris is the wife of Annie’s brother, Wisdom, who also has a child with her.

According to a video published by IB9ja, Doris could be seen narrating what led to the said incident, and how Annie and her mum stormed her home to violently attack her, destroying her properties and attempted to abduct her son.[AdSense-B]

“Annie Idibia’s brother Wisdom has been my fiance for four years and I have given him two kids. I told him to come and do my bride price and he refused,” she began, adding that anytime she raises her mother’s discomfort with their relationship, Wisdom would storm out of the house.

“He smokes a lot [of] Indian hemp. Any little thing, he would beat,” said Doris who added that she was makeup artist before the mess her life has become. “That was how [Wisdom] met me. I was doing well.”

Doris added that she has been unable after she was stopped from working. “They don’t want me to work. Annie Idibia doesn’t want to help me. She doesn’t want to care about me. And their mum, too.”[]

Adding that, each time she had minor a altercation with Wisdom, he would bring in Annie and his mum to wreak havoc in her home.[AdSense-B]

“Next thing, Annie and her mum would come in her Prado [to cause trouble]“, (referencing the disarray in her home, her disfigured finger), she continued, “Look at my hand, they broke this hand on my son’s birthday. Any small thing, just like today, they would beat me.”

She continued, telling how Annie and her family ‘abducted’ her son.

Watch the video below;

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