Tubaba has 5 kids out of wedlock, it’ not like he’s been having kids everywhere – Annie Idibia defends husband

Popular actress, Annie Macaulay-Idibia has come to the defence of her husband, Innocent Idibia also known as Tubaba regarding claims that he’s an unrepentant cheat.

She said the music star fathered five children with only two women apart from herself, so it is not like he’s been having kids outside of marriage since they became man and wife.

Annie made the clarification on the latest season of the popular Netflix reality series “Young, Famous & African” following his statement that men are wired to cheat.

The mother of two stressed that the public narrative about him is wrong, and it is erroneous for people to circulate rumours that Tubaba has been fathering children with several women.

She said; “My husband has just 5 kids with only two other women besides me, so it’s not like the young man was having babies everywhere like they say, like the narrative is out there”.

In other news, a Kenyan man has opened up on the devastating situation a friend was subjected to by the mother of his child.

He said the woman absconded with all the properties in his 3-bedroom house and even took little items like bulbs and curtains.

The narrator known as @Stan_Subru on Twitter said they have been living together as a couple since 2020 when she moved in with him.

According to him, the man earns 50k while the woman makes 100k but he still handles the bills and her other needs.

He also helped her siblings to get jobs in Kenya . espite all the love and care he showed her, she paid him back by carrying everything in his house and she fled with their child.

The distraught man told his friend that there was no fight or argument that could have led to his baby mama taking such irrational and harsh decision so he was confused. He, however, said he was going to travel and start life afresh in a new place.

Stan Subru wrote; I am still in shock that someone I know was wiped off everything including bulbs and curtains by his wife. They have 1 child together and been living together since 2020.

She kinda got a good job making around 100K and the dude making less than 50 Gs but he would pay all bills..

She moved in to that house with her clothes. She found it fully furnished and only added kitchen stuff like sufurias…fridge, electrical appliances, 3 beds, sofas…name it…why would you do that? Nivvah went to alimtoa village and helped a few of her siblings come to Nairobi

Brother would even pay the house help…while she’d just cater for food. Take care of the baby during her night shifts. A truthful and faithful men. I am shooketh and mad at the same time…and no, she is not Kikuyu or Gema. 😭😭😭

She should only have taken her sufurias and clothes. She even took his tshirts that would fit her and all the socks! Everything the ninja had worked hard to fill his house is gone. and even mattress in a 3 bedroom house…

He helped her relatives and siblings get gigs in Nairobi. He still doesn’t understand how they did it that fast. There was no major fight but apparently she would keep mentioning, “I can pay my bills.

He told me he is done. No dialogue was initiated to any issue. Nothing. Just someone deciding to wipe your house clean and disappear with your baby too. He blocked the contacts and is about to relocate and start over. He will be fine though…he’s grown quite well so far.