Trending video: White woman goes into forest to search for townhall ‘different from bala blu’

A white woman has gone viral for mimicking a Nigerian presidential candidate who made an incoherent statement that turned to online content.

In a video she posted on social media, the lady said she was helping her husband to look for a townhall because she heard people were searching for it worldwide.

She could be seen walking round a snowy forest and stated that she is looking for a ‘townhall different from bala blue’ which is a statement that was made by Tinubu, the APC candidate.

According to the Oyibo lady, she went outside to also help the worldwide search but she was not having any luck.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a 33-year-old man has gone online to seek help with searching for a woman who shares the same values with him so that he can marry her.

He wrote to an online counselor to help connect him with a lady who has the qualities he is looking for in a wife.

The man, who revealed he is still a virgin said he’s never been in a relationship all his life and he’s scared of the modern day woman who are very active n the bedroom.

He specifically asked for a lady that’s also a virgin like him, and would love to keep their chastity till marriage.

According to him, a woman between 21 to 22 years he can put his trust in and build a peaceful home with is the type he wants.

In his words; “I’m a guy of 33, and proudly a virgin. I’m from Anambra and looking forward to settling down from 2023. I’ve not been in any relationship before now and I’m scared of this end time ladies with high penile mileage.

I need someone who shares the same value with me,no sex before marriage. I need someone I can trust and have a peaceful home with. A post you made about 3 hours ago about a girl of 21 or 22yrs who wants to keep herself,really got me. I will so much appreciate it if you can link us up. Or any advice from you will be welcome.”