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Trending Video: ”We need jobs, not rice” – Ghanaian youths reject bags of rice given to them by a lawmaker



A video which is currently trending on social media shows some youths reported to be Ghanaians retirning bags of rice distributed by their lawmaker.

The youths rejected the rice saying that they would prefer jobs than being given temporary handouts like food items.

In the video, they were seen putting the bags of rice back into the truck that the lawmaker used to supply them.

”We need jobs… not rice”, they could be heard screaming in the background.

Watch the video:

We compiled some reactions from social media users…

@kennethefenovwe; In a clime where the youths are educated enough to know the power they wield

@sojinite; Na someone country like that go rush am even fight join.#povertyisabastard

@obytwic; This is good. Nigeria that suppose to lead is on drugs and looking for stomach infrastructure

@damextificated; This is what Nigerian youth should do when they are being tipped

@marygrace_100; Chaiii they should have hit one bag on d guy wearing green and white shirt protecting the bags of rice

@sunnysatsystems; Nigerians will still accept same in 2023.

@FrancisOchim; Chaii youths wake up

@royal_emery; Dear Nigerians

Whenever your lawmakers think it worthy to offer you bags of rice rather than splashing 1000 naira notes from a podium…can we take a cue from these Ghanian youths?

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