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Trending video: Policeman seen demanding bribe from Spanish biker who just arrived Nigeria



A video circulating on social media shows the moment and officer of the Nigeria Police Force was demanding bribe from a Spanish bike rider.

The policeman had flagged down the biker as he approached the checkpoint. After revealing that he is coming from Spain, the officer then proceeded to ask him what he has for them.

There was a back and forth interaction as the Spanish man said he has no cash on him but the policeman insisted he must give them something.

However, the Spaniard said he only his his card on him which he intends to use to withdraw money when he reaches Lagos.

The officer has been heavily criticised and condemned by Nigerians who say he is one of those who give the nation bad image.

Watch the video below;

Read some comments below:

@bryt_alozy; The moment the policeman saw he is a whiteman, first thing is what do you have for us? Everything money. Then the “Spaniard” explained he had nothing & he does “infomatics & computer …Keyboard.” Now imagine it was a Nigerian youth on that bike. Your guess as good as mine.

@Uzoramaka; This behaviour signifies a root and branch problem with Nigeria, he is only replicating what all the “Rulers” at the very top echelons of our society also practice without a dash of decorum. A shake down is still a shake down I dare add!

@BusariIbukun1; Definitely not surprised at all. This happens everyday. Very annoying to see.. No good question was asked, he his coming from the border on bike and the only thing they are interested in is ‘something for the boys. Cash cash’

@Dr_Ebubedike; Lol. This is the way 99% of road blocks work everyday. You will know when Nigeria is ready for change. It is easy to clean this up when the leaders are ready but they expect returns from these check points.

@Oko_not_OKO; Unfortunately, in the eyes of the world.. All of us are this police officer, this police officer is all of us Nigerians irrespective of your take on the matter.

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