Trending video: Nigerian woman ‘unhappily’ welcomes her husband’s second wife (Watch)

A video circulating on the internet captures the moment a Nigerian woman welcomed her husband’s newly married wife to the family.

The two women were both on their knees during the marital rites and the first stood up to help the second wife on her feet.

Nigerian woman welcomes her husband's second wife

After the warm welcome, the polygamous man posed for snapshots, while the husband and new wife were full of smiles, the first wife kept a straight face.

A social media user who shared the clip wrote; “De moment de first wife welcome de 2nd wife by carrying her up, awwn so sweet may dis new era of luv never cease in dis home.”

Watch below:

Read some comments…

@Cheyih_Viktah; If you see happiness here, then you’re mad. Even Sola Allyson would be angry her track was used here 😂

@memeplug001; Na here fake love and smile take start for this life 😂😂😂

@__grit; This is a setup, the woman is not happy. The second wife should be extremely careful in that house.

@stepup____; Her looks alone says it all.. She’s not happy. She just want to fulfill all righteousness by welcoming the lady.

@BambuluMen; Polygamy is the future. The problem is, men have been brainwashed to believe that handling two women is more difficult than one. It’s a sham. The truth is, women are like sellers—they behave well when there’s competition.

@Ifeade_Lu; A lot of women tolerate a lot for men !!! She’s not even happy smh

@engr_tonyul; It seems the Yorubas clearly understand better the idea and concept of our long-time practised African polygamous marriage than any other tribe in Nigeria. I cherish their unalloyed love and unity exhibited to one another in such a union.

@Blac_Eve1; Can never be me. The man literally won’t make it to his wedding day fr

@Opsylo_jay; Let me tell you a little secret, if you want to live long, make some money and marry more than one wife. You know why? Please if you know why kindly explain to me because to be honest, I don’t know why.