Trending video: Muslim man delivers lecture in Igbo language at Abuja Central Mosque

A Muslim man has wowed many Nigerians following a video of him using Igbo to deliver a Ramadan lecture at the Central Mosque in Abuja.

The cleric who apparently hails from the South-East, was captured on tape interchanging between Arabic and Igbo language.

He held a paper and stood at the podium to address a crowd of Muslim faithfuls that want to pray in the national mosque.

This action sparked reactions online as it promotes peaceful co-existence amongst diverse ethnic groups and religious denominations.

Watch the video:

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skipa_deyon; We are all one….. NIGERIA 🇳🇬

queen_lathefah; MoshaAllah😍 is the smile on my face for me🤗is like I’ll marry Muslim igbo o😉igbo guys are mostly cute tho😋

soloblinkz; Even the Bible says, speak to me in many languages and I will understand 😂😂

orumbaaustin; This is magnificent … I’m christian but I love islam, I’ve even joined in some muslim prayers, I think the divide between muslims and Christians is borne out of misunderstanding of each other’s theology.

xrr__uzb; why can’t a Igbo man be Muslim, we have Christian Hausas , we have to remove hatred from our heart , we have the choice to any religion

ad_classic0770; We’re old enough to be able to choose which Religion we want to believe in… Its not my first time seeing a Igbo Muslim although they’re only but few. Moreover Religions we’re only created to bring separations into the Human Race.