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Trending video: I won’t return to Aso Villa, the stress is too much – Patience Jonathan

Former president Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience Jonathan has said she has no desire to return to the Presidential Villa, given the immense stress associated with the seat of power.

According to Patience, if she is asked to return as the First Lady, she will decline without hesitation because she does not want to go through the same stressful experience.

Speaking at a public event on Friday, June 28, the former First Lady said she looks younger now than when her husband was in office.

In her words; “If you call me now for villa, I wouldn’t go there. I won’t. Don’t you see how young I am? The stress is so much.

“The stress of Nigeria is so much. If God manages to bring you out of it, you should glorify Him. He has taken you there once, why do you want to go there again?”

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There have been calls for Jonathan to return as president of Nigeria since he has only done five years in office instead of the constitutionally permitted eight years, which is two terms in office.

CorrectNG recalls that last year, a Nigerian man embarked on a solo campaign to plead with Jonathan to come back and govern.

He also advocated for late president Umar Musa Yar’Adua to come back to life and take over the mantle of leadership. The man was spotted placing posters of both Jonathan and Yar’Adua on a wall in public and it got the attention of the security man guarding the place.

When the guard saw him, he asked what he was doing and the guy retorted that they must come back because of the situation of things.

The security man tried to get him to stop and probed further to know what the campaigner wants any of the past leaders to do for him.

In a video which made the rounds on social media, he insisted on their return and continued sticking the posters on the wall. His plea came after the removal of petrol subsidy which resulted in the price of PMS increasing from the N150 per litre.