Trending video: Drama as more than 10 cops struggle to arrest one drunk woman

A group of police officers encountered an unexpected challenge while trying to arrest one woman who was causing public disturbance at an event.

The woman had gotten intoxicated by alcohol and she was throwing tantrums, so officers were called to calm the situation.

However, almost a dozen police officers found it difficult to put handcuffs on her and whisk her away because she put up a feisty resistance.

In a trending video, the cops consisting of both male and females could be seen struggling to pin the drunk lady to the floor.

After some moments of intensity which was witnessed by guests, the officers were finally able to subdue the strong lady.

Watch the video:


Reacting, king_sallyjay said; If she was black, you would see how they will bring her down once

chuckbb22; Oyibo police no dey shame, u will see three or four cops trying to arrest one person

ngrdbowen; She maybe a he she

lauren.beatty.18; Excessive force!😢😢😢

madamedinero; IKYFL Is that Stormy Daniels?!?😂

theaccountant609; If she was a dark skin, trust me they would’ve made sure to put her on a choke and k!ll her right before our eyes.

In entertainment news, Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has advised women to walk away from relationships where their partner is abusive.

The movie star gave the advise duringan Instastory interaction after a fan sought her opinion on the best way to handle a domestic violence situation.

“Hello queen, pls what is your honest take on domestic violence? Stay and pray for change or walk away,” the fan asked.

Ibrahim opened up about being a victim of domestic violence and said that just like her, others should break free from such relationships.

She explained that she fought her way out of the situation, but not without strategy and external help. Juliet stressed that it is important to speak to someone and plan an escape.

The actress wrote; “Walk the hell away girl, I have been a victim myself, no staying. I fought my way out of situations and one has to be strategic about it as well. And have someone you can trust on the outside to inform and you both plan your escape and exit before it’s too late.”