Travis Scott gifts janitor $5,000 after seeing him cleaning concert arena

American Hip Hop star, Travis Scott gave a janitor a new year package that will leave him thankful for a long time to come.

Travis gifted the man $5,000 at his recently held concert in Miami, when he noticed the janitor cleaning up the moshpit in the arena.

Travis Scott janitor

In a video that has gone viral, he paused his show mid performance after he spotted the worker holding a mop to clean up after all the sweaty ragers.

The Houston rapper questioned the venue’s management’s motives for having their staff ruin the mosh pit’s essence when the show was still on.

Travis Scott janitor 5000 dollars

Travis Scott then asked the janitor to drop the mop, have a nice break and enjoy the rest of the show as a fan because he’s paying him $5,000 to do so. The worker obliged and the audience got charged up by the musician’s random act of kindness.

Watch video below:

In another news…

Controversial Nigerian prankster, Trinity Guy, recently made moves to change the life of a young graduate who picks scraps to sell for survival.

He shared a video of the man he saw picking rusted iron from the street in a bid to go and sell them, and out of curiousity he decided to engage him in a conversation.

It was during the interaction that the scavenger revealed he is a graduate of architectural designs and suffering is what pushed him into sorting through scrap metals.

Trinity Guy inquired about his well-being, and the he disclosed that as a result of his poverty-stricken situation, his wife took their child and left him.

He felt moved by his story, so he took the man to shop for new clothing, get fresh haircut at a barbershop, and thereafter took him and his brother to a restaurant.

The famous prankster decided to support the siblings, so he handed them N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) to start a business, and his gesture got the brothers crying.