Travelers loot bags of foodstuff from lorry involved in accident (Video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the moment a lorry was being looted after the driver got involved in a terrible accident.

The lorry had summersaulted on a major highway in Kenya and the bags of food being transported offloaded unto the side of the road.

When travelers saw the contents of the vehicle and realised that it was food, they quickly rushed to ransack everything.

Each peron could be seen scrambling to carry as many bags as their hands were capable of lifting.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, in other news, a Nigerian woman apprehended a young boy who allegedly uses her key to sneak into her house to steal properties in her absence.

She shared a video capturing the moment the boy was using her spare key to gain access into the house.

The woman said she noticed that someone enters her house to take things from the fridge.

According to her, the family misplaced a bunch of their key and the boy was apparently the one who found the missing keys.

The incident happened in a residential area of Ketu, Lagos state.

On one fateful day, the lady made it look like nobody was at home even though she was doors and then he decided to operate.

In the video, she was sitting in the living room when the boy caually opened the door and walked in when he was nabbed red-handed.

She confronted him while filming and wondered how he got her house key, the boy revealed that he found it somewhere in the building.

She said that she has been lamenting to her husband about an unknown person always entering their house to steal.

The woman was interrogating him on the stairwell when the boy decided to start walking away stylishly in a bid to escape.

As he was leaving, she kept shouting at him, calling him to come back while following cloesly behind.

See how netizens reacted below..

@lollypeezle; Person wey you go first dash better slap. Take him to his parents to see the omo oran ti won bi. Give him another hot slap in their presence. Tell him to follow you to your apartment to have a final look. Preach to him for 3 minutes and send him away with a final hot slap.

@Meczy101; What the boy did was wrong. From her voice on the video clip, It is obvious that it’s hunger. However, the lady in question might be committing a crime. If the boy is a teenager, His face shouldn’t be posted on SM. Since, she knows him by name and have an evidence.