Traveler accidentally films people ‘japa’ing’ illegally through Nigeria/Cameroon border fence

A social media user who claimed to have gone to the Nigeria/Cameroon border unintentionally captured an unexpected sight that interested people.

The person made a video at the alleged border of the Anglophone and Francophone nation which was divided by a fence.

However, as it was filming, the camera panned towards a tree and showed about three people, who look like kids jumping over the fence illegally.

It is not clear if they were going into Nigeria or Cameroon but the traveler found what was captured amusing.

See the clip below:

Reacting, throwbacknaijatvv; This one even get better fence, u don pass Nigeria / Benin🇧🇯 back border before? 😂😂 No fence there na okada we dey take Cross from badagry

onyeozii; I have no question in my mind. Those are Nigerians jumping into Cameroon 🇨🇲

minspound; Nigeria everything poor and bad see other countries borders and see the difference, no wire at all Jesu

rossyroyal__; Na Cameroonian dey enter Naija like that Abi??? 😂😂

funkyxtian_official; Fence for una village field 😂

call_me_jaybee; I just saw some people jumping over that fence 😂

nameismartins; Is this an actual border?

prec_saipem231; So na this border the Government dem build for us be this ?

motivator0911; Why can’t we all just cohabit peacefully without boarders

Similarly, a video which trended on social media captured a group of Nigerians jubilating after crossing the Mediterranean sea on their way to Europe.

They were all on a boat and after crossing major territorial waters, the men and women decided to give thanks to God.

A man recorded the moment that the migrants were in a chit chatty mood at the same time because of the the joy that their journey to Europe was successful.

‘We don reach there’, the man recording said repeatedly.