Transfer N10M to my account first before i smoke on the Quran – Etinosa

Transfer N10M to my account first before i smoke on the Quran – Etinosa

Nollywood Actress, Etinosa Idemudia appears to really be enjoying the free coverage bloggers have been given her in the past 72 hours. The actress has come out to demand for N10million to be transferred into her account before midnight, before she would release the video of herself smoking on a Quran.

The actress recently caused a hail of controversy when video emerged of her using the Holy Bible as a ashtray while smoking.

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Immediately the video went viral, Nigerians attacked her in their numbers for disrespecting the Bible and dared her to try it with the Quran.

Reacting to this, the actress earlier asked for a Quran to be given to her, so she would mess it up in two seconds. Currently, it appears the actress changed her mind, as she has just demanded N10million before releasing the video.

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She claims she can no longer be serving entertainment to Nigerians and giving content to bloggers free of charge, without any payment.

See her post below:




  • comment-avatar
    Jamil 6 days ago

    do you think this is small thin I advise don’t do it I you like your life to be continue.

  • comment-avatar
    Ebisco Caulmah 6 days ago

    May God help her

  • comment-avatar
    Precious M. 6 days ago

    It’s trepidation dat has made u not desecrate de Quran,by placing financial inducement.
    As u ‘ve been warned,try it if u are a Woman dat doesn’t Love ur life.
    Of course,u knew dat, other religions will not tolerate u unlike Christianity dat preach forgiveness & tolerant.

  • comment-avatar
    LAIDE Adeyemo 6 days ago

    My people I guess GOD knew this kind of Child before he sent her to this world.i can fight for God who knew all before will do see it. But let me tell the truth you just want to cause your generation and if care is not taking this kind that we produce in this bless country go cause God otherside oooo

  • comment-avatar
    real 6 days ago


  • comment-avatar
    Usman Abubakar 6 days ago

    Since your childhood,you are hopeless, religiously stack illetrate. with no moral upbringing, and married by Satan. No wonder you gone astray.That’s why you don’t respect your religion talkless of the other one.

  • comment-avatar
    El-Hussaini Abdullahi 7 days ago

    quickly repent before a graviuos calamity befall you soon. i can see you walking on the path of devil to destruction..

  • comment-avatar
    Dansheda 1 week ago

    You don’t even need 10m for it just freely smoke it

    • comment-avatar
      Marvel francis 7 days ago

      You’re a very glaring mistake to the christian race, do you think you’re the first to smoke??? God, I really pity your parents because they’ll really curse your birth, you did this seeking for cheap publicity ani?? Be patient for when God will have your time. Stupid piece of low down trash, a gutter rat will be way better than whaever you’ll be, shameless mistake of a child.

  • comment-avatar
    Sadiq Sani Usman 1 week ago

    Do you think even the one you did with the bible you will go for free? Hmm you will pay for it and wait for the punishment that will fall on you from the owner of the holy book because we muslim we testify with the holy bible is the book of Allah. But to be sincere with you if you try that nonsense with the holy Quran before you Quence fire on it you will turn chempanze..

  • comment-avatar
    Usman Ibn Hamza 1 week ago

    Try to Rubbish the Qur’an and see whether you will not visit the Land of silent. Even if you don’t die instantly as a result of that, I promise to hunt you from now to 20 yrs. I will kill you like rat. idiot prostitute. Please try to do that and share the Video let’s see, to see what I will do.

  • comment-avatar
    Umar idris 1 week ago

    Hmmmm world has turned to somthing els, May the Raining Season thunder fall on you for not smoke on QUR’AN,idiots very stupid street local champion prostitute, go ahead and smoke on QUR’AN if your worthless mother born you well, thieves.

  • comment-avatar
    Muslim 1 week ago

    Monkey yato si chimpanzee, try it with Qur’an, surely either now or later you must face it. it is Allah promise to protect the Qur’an so deer it not

  • comment-avatar
    adam 1 week ago

    a Bible is a word of god and a Qur’an is also a word of god never u play with the words god

  • comment-avatar


  • comment-avatar
    Tashrifa 1 week ago

    free advice for you it now what are you waiting for.. u will instant be turned woman frog ,or woman crocodile. by Allah INSHAALLAH

  • comment-avatar
    Hamzat 1 week ago

    More than calamity will fall and rain on u etinosa i pity cos hundred million will not solve the result of wat will happen to u. It better u ask God for forgiveness on the Bible u did it on

  • comment-avatar
    Ibrahim 1 week ago

    Try it on Qur’an and see the calamity that awaits you.

  • comment-avatar

    See mumu. Did they give u 10m, before using the Bible for an Ash try? She dey fear. I love Muslims .