Trader throws party to celebrate his three wives in Benue

A Benue man who recently went viral on social media for marrying three women on the same day has celebrated his wives in style.

Tersugh Aondona had told his friends that colleagues that he would would celebrate his three wives extravagantly on Wednesday, but they did not believe.

The polygamous man who placed public notice on the social media to herald the occasion, stayed true to his word and hosted a ceremony.

Trader throws party to celebrate his three wives in Benue

The native of Jato Aka, Turan in Kwande Local Government Area, Benue State held members of the community spellbound not just by the gorgeous outfits of the women but by the camaraderie they exhibited and the large crowd pulled by the occasion.

Dressed in black and white Tiv traditional attire Blessing, Nancy and Sulumshima were the cynosure of all eyes at the ceremony that took place at Lante Comprehensive Secondary School Jato-Aka on Wednesday.

Aondona, who is a farmer and trader, boasted at the occasion about the “absolute peace, love and unity” that existed between him, his three wives and his entire household, which he said had brought blessing and unimaginable progress.

Furthermore, he said that he saw every need to celebrate his wives and God’s blessings. The wives, in their separate speeches during the celebration that lasted late into the night, said they were happy with their husband because there is joy in sharing.