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Tourist instantly regrets it after leaning out of open car window to pet lion (Video)



A shot footage which shows the moment a tourist in Serengeti Nation Park in Tanzania almost had a nasty run-in with a lion, after leaning out of an open tour van window to pet a lion.

In the video clip which was shared on Youtube with the caption, ‘Still the dumbest tourist ever?‘, two of the tourists in the tour van used to take tourists around the park leaned forward to reach out of the open window, outstretching their arm to pet a lion that is minding its own business on the grass, its back facing them.

The beast then turns towards the duo and stares at them, which is when the second unnamed tourist – who sat in the window seat – began to feel uneasy.

The lion then jumped up and roared as the second tourist struggled to slide the window shut following a voice from inside the vehicle that said: “Close the window.”

After some scrambling, eventually they manage to close the opening – the lion still visible in the distance, staring into the car at the people.

Social media users have condemned their action, stating how they are the dumbest tourists they have seen with one writing: “Somebody has a brain the size of a flea sitting between their ears.”

Another commented: “Lions are freaking strong… that window wouldn’t hold Mufasa back if he wanted to get in.”

A third added: “Yeah sure, just ignore the signs that say don’t get out your car, do not attempt to touch or feed the animals etc, dumb tour or dumb people taking the tour?”

Another commenter said: “People see lazy lions in zoos, or snoozing during the day in the parks, and have absolutely no idea how freakin’ fast a lion actually is. I mean, less than a second and this guy could’ve had a faceful of claws. Go pet your house kitty… feels much the same. House kitty can also tear your face off.”

See video below;

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