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Toke Makinwa reveals what men can’t do to her, shares advice with Women



Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur and author, Toke Makinwa, has taken to her Twitter account to reveal that men in a romantic relationship with her who end up cheating on her and think she will be ashamed are wrong.

In a series of tweets she claimed are just ‘musings of her mind’, the media celebrity advised women on how to handle breakups that get blame for from the society.

“The shame that society inflicts on a woman when she has been cheated on or when a marriage breaks apart is the reason why a lot of women stay in unhealthy situations.” she started.

“It’s like for him to cheat there was something lacking, like you failed at keeping your marriage cos you were not patient enough, then we also shame the ones who stay and chop shit because their miserable makes us happy.”


“It’s bad enough that someone you trust exploited that trust, cheating does a lot of damage psychology as it is, breaks your self confidence and makes you feel small.”

“Dear woman it is not your fault he cheated, it has fuck all to do with you. Pls don’t be ashamed and hang your head low, if you chose to leave or stay, it is not your fault, there is no burden or cross you have to carry.”

“If you cheat on me and think I will be ashamed, you haven’t met me, you will carry your cross on your own, you will be the one to shrink and go into hiding or feel ashamed, my glow up will leave you wondering if I ever had a bad day in my life.”

“Before they speak in low tones or the ugly stares of pity or the silence in the room when I walk in, I will announce your new title that you will answer on your own. You can’t break my self esteem, you did not help me build it. your selfish actions won’t cost me my peace of mind.”

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