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Toke Makinwa reacts to Pastor Adeboye’s tweet, says “Cooking is not restricted to a gender”



Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa, has reacted to Pastor E.A Adeboye post that charged bachelors not to marry a lady who can’t cook, by stating she believes cooking shouldn’t be restricted to a gender.

Adeboye, on Monday evening, in a series of tweets which have been debated by Social Media users, pointed some qualities his male members should look out for before marrying a lady and inferred that a man can’t be eating out all the time, hence the woman should know how to cook.

However, the famous OAP, revealed she wants men to learn how to cook and not base the ‘entirety of picking a life partner’ on their belly.

“Cooking is not restricted to a gender, guys learn how to cook so you don’t base the entirety of picking a life partner on your belly, if you don’t want to, make enough to hire a chef. Life is too short to be triggered all the time.” she wrote on Twitter.

Toke  Makinwa in another tweet stated, “When Pastor Adeboye says “my sons”, ask ya self are you a member of his flock? Are you his spiritual child, if no, why are you so bothered??? Let him advice his own, if it’s not for you, jump and pass my friends, I promise you won’t go to hell by facing your front.”

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