Toke Makinwa clashes with trolls who questioned her for being single at her age

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has gotten into an exchange of words with trolls after she addressed people attacking her on Twitter.

Social media users were wondering when the 38-year-old TV host would get married instead of sharing ‘unreasonable standards and misleading young ladies online.

The radio presenter had earlier made a post about how men can better appreciate a beautiful lady with things other than words.

Few days ago, Toke posted on social media; “Don’t just admire the beauty, send funds”

Netizens began to lambast her and she decided to respond to the critics after five days.

She tweeted; “It’s called “having an opinion”, it doesn’t have to be your opinion cos what’s the beauty in life if we all shared the same. I refuse to follow the crowd, if I feel differently especially over a rumor that was not confirmed yet, I’m allowed to and if I’m wrong, that’s ok too.

I have had false things written about me and watched how quick the world believed them and if I wished a story about another wasn’t true ahead of the whole story coming out, it’s not an attack on the accuser but just a simple wish that the entire story is not true.

One day we will rad things just as they are without attacking our prejudice or projecting our self righteousness to simple written words. That’s why the world is crazy today, a simple “I’m walking down the road”, can be digested as so many things yet it’s just a statement. Anyways…. Enough said till the next time cos I’m sure the thought of me breathing is enough to piss you off soon. Hsve a good week xx”

However, the online critics did not stop, rather they switched the topic and began to query her about her single status.

Read the exchange: