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Toke Makinwa calls out men, says many cannot handle “successful women” (VIDEO)



Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur and author, Toke Makinwa has during a live Instagram chat with IK OsaKioduwa, said a lot of men cannot handle successful women.

She revealed that in choosing a partner, she has never been interested in the status of a man for her but a lot of men cannot handle successful women because of financial insecurity and status.

“A lot of women don’t have any problems with dating who…It’s not about status for me. For me I’m more interested in a guy who has purpose, a guy who is grounded in his purpose, someone who knows where he is going” the media personality said.

“Because money can up and leave. You can marry someone who has money today and in two years the guy doesn’t have all that money anymore.”

“But I feel like sometimes, guys think they can handle it, and they think it is nice on paper, even in that reality, a lot of them cannot handle a successful woman.”

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