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To the woman of my dreams – young pastor writes a lovely piece



A pastor identified as Jackson Fidelix on Facebook has taken to the platform to write a lovely piece to the woman of his dreams.

He wrote;


Who can be compared unto you, or what can you be compared to you.
You who is fairer than the fairest, brighter than the brightest of stars. What can match the splendor of your beauty, more beautiful than the fairest Lilly watered by living springs of water.

Visions of you fill my mind, the thought of having you by my side can calm him driven by legions of demons.
At the sound of your voice the birds stop their singing; they gather round to hear your melody. The sound of your voice is like the heat of the morning sun to him who has felt the pangs of the cold night.

Soft as wool, sweeter than honey, clear as the cloudless sky. At the sight of you, I leap as one who was lame but now can walk. Your love is more than the waters of the ocean, deeper than the bottom of the abyss, higher than space itself.

You shine like the sun, clothed with the glory of the moon and crowned with all the splendor of the stars.. Your smile makes angels blush. Your beauty is from inside out.
Now I know why the Father proclaimed that a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife..

The thought of you is like sweet fragrance.
At the sound of your voice, there is relief; a breath of fresh air to a dying soul. You are the soul replica of the virtuous woman in Proverbs.

See as she gallops and moves sweety like the mystical unicorn to conquer, and yes! you conquered; you conquered my heart.

The charm of your intellect coupled with your generous heart of gold struck me, it struck me so bad that I can’t get over you my unknown one.

But the thought of knowing that I am an ordinary man and you are a queen saddens me. It saddens me because I ask, “can this goddess step down from the realms of her glory to love someone like me, a poor mortal?”

Can I ever get to feel the warmth of your embrace and be privileged to witness the radiance of your presence?
Will the queen of queens ever love a preacher with no coin?

I wept as I woke up to realize it was a dream.. (Only in dreams can this be possible)

But even now that I am awake, will I still ask, ‘will you, O my fountain of strength ever love a mere man like me?
To you I write, O fairest of the fairest. Will you look on me and give me the opportunity to live my dream?

What you will decide I do not know, but one thing I know, “in live or in dreams, you are one of a kind; an angel amongst ten thousand and to you my love clings.”

Perhaps you saw this, know that all I ask is an audience with the queen, a place in the courts of your heart..
M. Jackson.

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