Tiwa admits paying IT expert to pull down her leaked tape

Nigerian music star, Tiwa has revealed that she paid an IT expert to pull down her erotic tape which leaked on the internet few years ago.

The mother of one claimed that after hiring the experts and they completed the job, the trending video was taken off the internet and other devices.

Tiwa admits paying IT expert to pull down her leaked tape

Tiwa made the revelation during an interview with Power 105.1 anchor, Angie Martins in New York, United States. The singer recalled how someone used to attempted blackmailing her with the tape, and few weeks later, it surfaced online.

According to her, the biggest fear was that her son Jamil would one day see the video, which was why she felt the need to get experts to hack everyone’s devices and delete the clip.

“My biggest fear about my sex tape leaking was that my son might one day see it. But I got in touch with an IT expert who hacked the video from the internet and everyone’s mobile device. Right now, you can’t find it anywhere. Even if you had it stored on your phone,” she said.

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