Tips to blowing your man’s mind in bed

Tips to blowing your man’s mind in bed

When it comes to relationship, you have to be willing to let go of all the shyness and get freaky. Well, every first moment of intimacy can be pretty weird because your man is getting to see your naked body for the first time. Let’s face it, stripping in front of someone you really like can be difficult. You suddenly remember your flaws and imperfections. It takes three or more sexual encounter to be fully comfortable enough to walk naked in front of that man and not reach for the light.

Any man getting to experience your action isn’t likely to complain about anything, unless you have a nasty attitude. Sex can be pretty thrilling for most men, especially when it great sex. You have to let him explore your body and help you find your G-Spot.

Women usually freaked out when having sex with a new partner. Oh yes they do! And this makes your first sex unusually boring. This is because you are trying way too hard to please your man. A man doesn’t need you to be too freakiest or act like a porn-star, by this I mean a man that truly loves you.

Any woman can be great in bed, you just have to be physically and emotionally present, you need to be comfortable in your body and you need to be a key player in all the action. Do not let the man do all the work.

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I rarely read articles on sex, you know why? It simple! What works for Miss A cannot possibly work for Miss B. We are all at different level with our sexuality, sexual life, sexual fantasies and level of confidence, most women are yet to experience intense sexual exploration, even orgasm; so you have no idea what you want and how you want it.

So you know, there are no sure technique that will guarantee to make him experience the best sex, but I present to you five simple universal steps to blowing your man’s mind in bed, oh yeah!!! Trust me it works.

Make him horny

Try to find out what turns him on. It could be sexy lingerie, body movement or music, just find out. It totally depends on how far you are willing to go for him. Most men get turned on by watching you touch yourself. Men are extremely visual and seeing you touching yourself in front of them stimulates them and makes them horny.

Stop reaching for the light

What is the essence of having sex if you do not want to be seen? Men wants to see the whole package, they want to see your hot body. It’s really a turn off when you keep insisting your man turn off the light or you spontaneously reach for the duvet to hide yourself when the light comes on. I know this requires some getting used to, but if you allow yourself to be seen, you are most likely to enjoy the action because now you are relaxed and confident in your body.

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Relish his body

Woman are very selfish when it comes to savoring a man’s body. They want all the caressing, kissing and even cunnilinctus but they cannot give a man blow job or work his body. You don’t have to be damn good at it but it’s worth a try, he can as well guide you. The underside of your tongue will feel really good on his most sensitive spots –his nipples, his neck, his thigh and his stomach. “Women typically think men don’t like foreplay, but they do. A man appreciates a woman who take her time to glamour over his body. When you crave for your man, savoring his body would be a piece of cake.

Discuss your sexual fantasies and turn off before hand

A man can have sex with a dozen women and still have no idea what to do with your body. We all don’t react or get turned on in same way. Most women don’t enjoy sex, but they lie down there so the man can get done and get out. Your man arousal can sometimes come from a feeling of him pleasing you. So, let him know what pleases you. You’ll both be glad you did.

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Be bold to talk dirty

It pays to appreciate that man when he is hitting it right. Don’t just lay there like a log of wood moaning only, talk moan. Have a conversation. Stuffs like “I like that, there, yes there, oh baby, don’t stop, harder, faster” LOL!!! Use this opportunity to describe your dirtiest fantasies to each other. Remember he is guaranteed to talk back. Quiet sex is boring sex. However, a man also likes a woman who’s willing to take the wheel and drive them both to pleasure.

Explore and bring your sexual fantasies to life

Be bold enough to let a man ride you, I don’t mean rough sex, I am talking of passionate sex. You can tell your man of your wildest sexual fantasy and he might just help you bring it to life. Explore different position and areas. Ask him if there’s something he’d like for you to try. It doesn’t have to be bedroom and bed sex all the time. Why are you wasting good furniture and space? Who says your dining table is for eating only! Even your bathroom, down to your bath tub, look around you, everything you see can serve a purpose except your cooking gas. Chances are being shy won’t get you to experience good sex, and it won’t help him please you either.



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