Timi Dakolo writes letter to appreciate Nigerians for their supports so far

Timi Dakolo writes letter to appreciate Nigerians for their supports so far

Top Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has written a letter to appreciate Nigerians for their support for his wife, Busola.

According to the letter he shared on his Instagram page, the singer and his wife want to help  people with similar situation so they have created a movement #NotInMyChurch.

The couple has also created a website where rape victims can share their plights at www.notinmychurch.ng.

See his letter below:

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Busola and I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support and -most importantly – action, following her story told on Friday.

We thank you, Nigerians. We thank you most deeply for helping make this moment truly count.

We also thank the team of people who have been helping us since Busola decided to tell her story months ago.

Because of them, Busola’s story has sparked a movement called #NotInMyChurch – to help other survivors of sexual abuse in the church find help, justice and healing. I am grateful to Enough is Enough Nigeria ®eienigeria for helping to drive this movement.

Please upload stories about abuse or rape, especially in the church on notinmychurch.ng and to partner with or support the work they are doing to help survivors speak out, find help or get justice, please email [email protected]

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We can truly make this moment matter beyond just Busola ‘ s story. She is speaking on behalf of those who haven’t yet been able to speak, and the thousands who have now begun to find their voices.

Thank you!

#NotInMyChurch #IStandWithBusola #Unbroken #Unashamed