Throwback clip of Korra Obidi admitting to cheating on ex-husband resurfaces (Watch)

Nigerian social media investigators have dug out a video of controversial Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi confessing to cheating on Justin Dean while they were still married.

The video resurfaced on social media hours after Korra denied her ex-husband’s claims that she was heavily pregnant and sleeping around.

CorrectNG reported earlier that the American man narrated in a trending video how she allegedly traveled to Nigeria to attend her friend’s wedding and ended up sleeping with the groom even though she was five months into the pregnancy.

Throwback clip of Korra Obidi admitting to cheating on ex-husband

According to Dean, he was upset when he found out and also feared for Korra’s health as she could have contracted an infection that would’ve affected their child.

He had said; “Korra, my ex-wife went to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding and slept with this woman’s fiance, while she was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.

“I was so upset when I found out that she has been sleeping around. It was very risky. She could have contracted SDTs while she was pregnant. That is a big deal.”

But reacting in a series of clips shared on her page, the mother of two said her ex-husband was chasing clout with her name because she trended last week after suffering an acid attack.

Korra said; “Bloggers are learning clout chasing from Mr Justin Dean. I had an accident and I trended; he is now bringing chats from two years ago.

“My lovers, please be wiser than the normal gullible people. Mr Dean is a desperado. When I got my big breakthrough, that was when he filed for divorce.

“He cannot stand attention that is not on him. This is two years down the line and he is still talking about me because the only way he can stay relevant is to call my name.”

Amid the drama, an interview Korra granted to News Central in 2022 shows her talking about her infidelity in marriage and how she has commitment issues.

Watch the video: