Three Nigerian ladies barred from club after trying to enter with their newborn babies (Video)

Three Nigerian women have been denied access into a night club because they showed up with their babies.

The young mothers wanted to go and have fun in the club but there was nobody to look after their children so they tried to enter with the kids but were sent back.

Two were carryng infants (newborns) while one was with a toddler.

A video which surfaced on social media shows the ladies sitting in a lounge while cradling their infants.

One of their single friends who accompanied them could be heard expressing relief that she does not have a child to prevent her from having fun.

In the clip, the first mum wore a gloomy face when the person filming explained that the club refused to allow them enter.

Social media users expressed disappointment in the women for thinking it was a good idea to carry kids to a club.

Watch the video below:

oba_823; If not madness, Why you go carry your child go club ? SMH.

ft_autos; Why would you even think of taking babies to a club … Them suppose flog una

pab_bernard; Why you go carry baby enter club?

sirfemilove; As a man, make sure you choose the right mother for your kids. No sensible woman would take their kids to a club. Infants for that matter. 😮It’s well 👏

sisimope; Okay so why will you go into the club with a baby … she needs to be arrested its an abuse …. exposing the child to loud music, smokes and likes ….. no be by force to born .. and if ur eye still dey outside get a nanny for that night …

deejay_bc; Why them go carry baby go club in the first place ? Awon abiagba

honkuthadd; Why are they at the night club with infants ?? When kids give birth 😢

mr_dafidi_; Why would you take babies to the club in the first place

2_shy; Why una wan carry baby enter club nah. Una dey reason at all 🤦‍♂️

big_____name; This has to be skit cos how do you makeup yur mind that you’re going to club with those little babies

kennoyed; The era of good mothers ended with our moms. Brace yourself because it will get worse than these

council_man; The bouncer gave them common sense since dem no get

ayomide.ayodeji; If any girl go try this nonsense with my baby….. Why the hell would you take an infant to a nightclub omo this woke generation ehn 😢😢😢😢