Those traveling to U.S. will be left behind when rapture occurs – Mummy GO warns

Popular Nigerian evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo aka Mummy GO has issued a warning to Christians traveling to the United States of America.

The founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God said those who secure US visa and leave Nigeria to start afresh, will miss Heaven.

Mummy GO said that they will not be among the chose ones on earth when raptures occurs on the last day.

The clergywoma placed emphasis on those Nigerians who find themselves in America through lottery.

Funmilayo said; “I want to talk about American lottery. All of you that want to go to America. If you can get American visa and you go to America by lottery, my dear there’s no rapture for you.”

Watch her speak below:

In similar news, Pastor Charles-Philip Okiemute claimed that anyone who is in possession of N1 million in their bank account on the day of rapture will not be among the lucky people that will go to heaven.

Okiemute, while preaching to his congregation at The Ark Of God Endtime Ministry in Lagos, said earthly wealth is worthless in heaven.

In a trending video of him speaking, the preacher also expressed disappointment at an unnamed musician who splashed N900 million on a luxurious car.

According to him, the money was enough to end poverty in the musician’s village but he decided to lavish it on an automobile for himself.

Okiemute further queried whether the singer in question would drive the car to heaven when he leaves earth.

He said; “I dey social media, one musician buy car of N900 million; for one car! And customised his plate number. So, I asked myself, ‘This car, you go drive am enter heaven?’

“They said Nigeria is poor and one musician in Nigeria used N900 million to buy car. That N900 million he fit carry enter him village, he go give all his village people. Their village no go poor until them die again.

“Any man wey get N1 million for him account before trumpet sound, you no dey go anywhere. Because that money is not useful in heaven or hell.”