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”This relationship no fit work” – Man retreats after seeing N12m account balance of lady he wanted to date



A man has taken to social media to narrate how he had a rethink of his decision to date a lady after seeing her account balance.

Taking to Twitter, the guy with username @itzdanielblack opened up on how he backtracked on his intention of starting a relationship with a lady after he saw her N12 million account balance.

According to the man, he actually went on a date with the lady, and in the middle of the date she decided to make use of the restroom.

During that moment, he somehow got a glance of her phone screen and he saw the whooping sum of 12 million Naira in her account.

At that moment, he realised that he would no longer be able to move forward with his intentions.

In his words: “Went on a date with a lady last week.

So she left her phone with me to use the restroom, and somehow I saw her account balance.

Na 12 million I see for her account balance, 12 good million.

I just told myself, this relationship no fit work, she pass me.

Sapa did me bad.”

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