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Thieves cut off man’s hand in the process of dispossessing him of his phone in Kaduna

A man identified as Abubakar Saeed has reportedly suffered serious bodily injury after being robbed by phone thieves in Kaduna State.

His hand was said to have been cut off by the assailants on Monday while they were trying to dispossess him of the gadget in Rigasa.

Residents privy to the unfortunate incident said it happened at around 10 pm when he was sitting outside his house. According to sources, Abubakar was struggling to fight off the thieves but they decided to stab him and cut off his hand to get the device.

The victim survived the attack and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in the state.

A source, Rahila Nuhu said; “Yesterday night in kaduna phone thieves collected his phone, in the process cat off his hand. He was sitting outside his house around 10pm in Rigasa when he was attacked. Please put him in your prayers.”

A Facebook user, Abdurrahman Rabiu Abubakar said; To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return… Yesterday ‘phone thieves’ stabbed a young man in Rigasa, Kaduna.

Abubakar Saed (Abbati) may Allah grant you quick recovery and may he expose their secrets wherever they are. People please fast and eat.

Another user Abdurrahman Rabiu Abubakar said; Abubakar Saeed Allah ya baka lafiya Dan uwa. His Hand cat-off by phone snatchers last night in Kaduna.

Similarly, Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ star, Adekunle Olopade, lost his mobile phone months ago to a thief pretending to be his fan.

He said the robbery incident happened around 2am at Landmark Beach in Lagos when the man asked him for a chance to snap pictures together.

Adekunle said the suspect hugged him as if he wanted to take a selfie and cleverly disappeared into the crowd with the phone.

He said the phone was being tracked and one of the location’s it was pinned at shows Arolaya area of Lagos Island.

The reality star said; Hi guys. So my phone got stolen around 2am at an event at Landmark Beach. A thief pretending to be a fan asked for pictures, hugged me, played a fast one on me and disappeared into the crowd.

Further probe showed that the phone was then moved towards Arolaya, the gadget selling area of Lagos Island.

Currently, the phone is being tracked and on Lost Mode. Almost useless to the thief. It’s a black iPhone and my picture is the wallpaper.

If you’re around Lagos Island, and/or you have any information about how to get the phone back or if you can help in anyway, it will be highly appreciated.