They make millions but pay me only N1k – Veteran actor cries out over poor living condition (Video)

A Nollywood actor has lamented over his poor earnings despite being a veteran in the Nigerian movie industry.

In a video which surfaced on social media, he showed the pitiable living living standard he’s been subjected to due to hardship.

He revealed that he’s been living in the slums while acting in several movies where he gets paid a measly N1k despite being promised N10k per role.

The actor, who lives in a dilapidated house with zinc roof and holes all around it, shared his story with content creator @skibocomedy7, who felt sad over his condition.

The movie veteran; “You will be called for a job of N10k, but when you are done you will be given N1k and told that the remaining will be paid into your account but you will see nothing. That was why I gave up on doing such jobs.”

He added; “You will do a standard that will be uploaded on YouTube for someone, this person will still get millions when the job is uploaded on YouTube but he will not even pay for your feeding. I will still buy food with the money I borrowed to go for the job”.

Watch the video below:

In other entertainment news…

Seasoned Nigerian actor, Bob-Manuel Udokwu recently decried the influx of poorly trained practitioners into the movie industry.

He expressed sadness that half-baked actors and filmmakers have invaded Nollywood and are now the leading characters.

Udokwu said the industry should be better than the level it has reached and the only reason the growth seems stagnant is because a lot of unprofessional activities are taking place.

He spoke during an Instagram Live session with journalist, Azuh Arinze within the week of his 60th birthday.

The movie star said; “Nollywood ought to be greater than what it is at the moment. Unfortunately, the true potential of the industry is not being realised. A lot of unprofessional activities are going on.

“Many half-baked practitioners have invaded the industry. The real professionals should step forward and take back Nollywood.”

Speaking on the high point of his career, Udokwu mentioned having the privilege of anchoring Gulder Ultimate Search among other accomplishments.

He said; “Being in ‘Checkmate’ (a TV series in the nineties) was a game changer for me. Also, being in ‘Living in Bondage’ (one of the first Nigerian home videos) paved the way for some other roles.

“Anchoring Gulder Ultimate Search (a TV reality show) in 2007 was another game changer for me. It was also challenging, because I was not the first person that anchored it.

“I started anchoring the show in season four in 2007. But, I eventually became the longest-running anchor person for the show. I hosted it for five consecutive years. Basically, not one particular role changed my career; each role added to the things I was doing.”