There’s no true love without money – Eva Chris

Nigerian actress turned content creator, Eva Chris, has opined that true love can only exist when there is money in the equation.

Eva stated this while disclosing that she would never sacrifice her career for whatever reason, including love and marriage.

Eva Chris true love without money

The skit maker believes that marriage is overrated, and men’s idea of a wife material is a woman who is subjected to complete slavery.

She told Saturday Beats, “True love actually exists, but only if there is money involved. For 98 per cent of men, their idea of a proper wife material is complete slavery. To them, a wife material is a woman that can overlook their excesses.”

Eva said the reason she decided to focus more on making skits rather than featuring in movies is because she makes more money.

She said; “Money motivated me to pursue a career in this field (skit-making). There isn’t much money in Nollywood. I was there for two years, and the highest amount I was ever paid was N20,000.”

The skit maker also stated that she usually gets inappropriate messages from guys, especially those asking for ‘hook up’ (prostitution), but she usually ignores them.

In other news…

A Nigerian man has narrated how he discovered that his fiancée is having an affair with a friend he allowed to stay with him.

He said things were going smoothly for six months, but the situation took a new dimension when his company sent him to Cameroon on a getaway and he left his fiancée behind with his friend in the same house.

He wrote; This my friend came to Lagos to stay with me as I am currently living in a 2bedroom flat with my girlfriend, someone I am planning to get married to by August this year, that’s even more reason why I got this apartment in the first place…

This morning, I collected my friend’s phone to pick a number to call then one funny message came through from his WhatsApp and I opened it like who is this guy. I was still laughing and closed back the message when I noticed my wife’s number in the WhatsApp chat “unsaved” though. I moved slight and I opened the chat.