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The Top Emerging Business Opportunities In Nigeria



The dream of becoming an entrepreneur is a dream shared among many Nigerians, although not all Nigerians share this dream as many are contended with the white collar jobs and enjoy earning salaries at the end of the month.

Due to the increase poverty rate in Nigerian and the lack of jobs, so many citizens have thought it wise that SME’S might be the Savior of the day.

People are advised to get a hand work, learn a trade or invest in a business to increase the survival rate since the government is not able to provide jobs.

The challenge that comes with setting up a business could include; having an idea of the business but no fund to run it or having the funds but no idea.

This article is majorly for those who need business ideas.
Here are some of the top emerging business easy to set up with promises good profit.

Cassava Bread Production

cassava is a well consumed food in Nigeria. The cassava flour can be used to produce bread. This idea was brought up by Ex president Olusegun Obasango. Since then, so many persons had made good use of the opportunity, hereby creating wealth for themselves.

Farming Business

Farming is a very lucrative business. It meets a need peculiar to everybody. There is no body that doesn’t eat. Exploring this idea is no waste of time. Various persons have devised means to making farming more enjoyable. For example, Samuel Ogbole soil- less farming ideas. Nigerians are waking up to the call and there is no regret.

eCommerce Business

Online shopping business is the new deal. People find it easy and convenient to buy things online. You can market products from your bedroom and also sell them from your bedroom while you make profit. Online shopping business has opened opportunities for cart deals and shipping agencies. This is something to consider and it is fully based on trust.

Photography business

Birthday shoots, prewedding shoots, pregnancy shoots, etc. professional photography is a cool business to invest in. people organize parties and events every day. Not just individuals, organizations and the marketing industry knows the importance of having good quality pictures on their website, social media page and on roll up banners. This is for sure a very lucrative business.

Security company

The need for security is well emphasized in this country. The security agency provides means of employment for many individuals. The agency invest in training these individuals to be fit and be able to handle situations and for crowd control. The services of security agencies are of high demands among companies, schools, industries, and others who need constant protection.

Cleaning Service

It is good practice to have maintenance culture. Many businesses have been affected by their lack of maintenance culture. People want to see that you are progressing. Cleanliness also means good business. Hence the need for a cleaning service. This service can offer a full package of providing maintenance at every level outside just sweeping, cleaning and clearing grasses. It is not a difficult business to set up. it is of high demand by companies and other agencies. This service is also convenient for busy people.

Training Centers

This is one of the most lucrative businesses ever. People who venture into this usually create some powerful tittles for themselves that actually market what they do. This business idea is well diversified. It could be training centers for sports, business growth, lifestyle, education, emotional health, elocution, voice over, choreography, writing, etc. As long as you possess some knowledge in that area, you can set up a training center for it. This may require you travelling from place to place and people would definitely pay high for that knowledge you are marketing.

Day Care Center

Establishing a day care center is a good idea and you will never lack customers because children are being born every day. Working class parents would find it convenient to enroll their children into a daycare center. To excel in this business, the environment must be tidy and the children must be well taken care of. If you don’t like children, you shouldn’t try this business because it wouldn’t be good.



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