The ‘strange’ thing I do to make money – Comedian Sabinus reveals

Nigerian skit-maker, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, popularly known as Oga Sabinus, has revealed the unusual thing he does that brings money.

The content creator said he thrives in chaotic situations and it is only when he finds himself in one problem or the other that money comes.

Sabinus opened up during a recent conversation with music star, Tubaba, about how God uses problems to bless him.

In a video which has gone viral, Tubaba asked the AMVCA winner why he seems to have a fondness for problems.

In response, the skit-maker said he wouldn’t be able to earn a living without problems. He clarified, however, that these problems only exist in his online skits and not in his real life.

Sabinus said; “Boss, you know, say if I no enter problem, money no go come. So, God has been sending problems my way—online o, not offline o”.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian bitcoin trader known as Wisdom Matic has opened up on moment in his life that he made a resolution to work hard for money.

He recounted the time he visited a friend’s house when he was still struggling, but his girlfriend mandated him to wash plates before he would be served food.

Sharing his story was in response to a tweep that wrote; “What was your biggest “I need to make money” moment?”

According to Wisdom, he had not eaten anything the previous day so he was very hungry and had no choice but to do the dishes.

He wrote; “During my Sapa days, I Was visiting a friend and the GF said if I don’t wash plates, I won’t eat

I didn’t eat anything a day before so I washed the plates because that food was my last hope of eating anything that day.”

A tweep, @Ikebobo_Dave said; You should be thanking her! Moments like that brings out the beast in you to make money

Wisdom replied; “It didn’t bring out anything at least not immediately 😂 I still went back few days later to eat.”