The Richest Nigerian Bloggers And Their Net Worth

The Richest Nigerian Bloggers And Their Net Worth

Blogging is a new hobby for so many persons. It involves sharing your thoughts, discussing controversial topics, writing reviews about products and services and many more. The interesting thing about blogging is that you can make cash out of it, I mean real cash. You can become a millionaire as a blogger without doing any other side job. In this article, you will find people who made it big just by blogging. 10 of the richest Nigerian and highly influential bloggers. Some you may have heard of and some you might not know.

Now, let’s talk about the richest bloggers in Nigeria;


Linda started blogging since the year 2006. She began with the free Google platform, which we know as Within a period of 10 years, she has built an empire out of it. Her business has really grown and she is one of the female billionaires we have in this country. She is actually the first Naira billionaire blogger. Now, Linda has her own domain, which is known as
Linda’s net worth ranges from USD$ 9- 40million. Such a high amount.


Omoyele Sowore is a well known human rights activist, a presidential candidate for African Action Congress, the founder of the online news agency Sahara Reporters. A platform for different political reports and investigations.
Sowore has an estimated net worth ranging from USD$6 – 10 million.

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I believe the name BELLANAIJA rings a bell. Uche Eze is the beautiful blogger behind this platform. She started blogging in 2006. She now has her own domain known as
Her business has grown over the years and she happens to be one of the richest bloggers in Nigerian with an estimated net worth rumored at USD$ 5million.


Noble Igwe is a fashionista blogger. He is the man behind the blog. He is highly influential and loved by many Nigerians. His fashion taste is one that catches the eyes of every passerby. He has grown his blog over the years and has a net worth climbing toward USD$ 3million. That is about 1 billion naira.


Loy Okezie runs a blog called the blog is fully focused on reviews, news and latest trends on technology. Loy started his blog in 2008, back then it was called Loy Okezie has an estimated net worth of 1billion naira.

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The very popular blog known as known for sharing information on local cultures and traditions. It is also a platform to find interesting jobs as there are many job ads there. The ynaija blog is oriented towards young people. Chude has an estimated net worth of 360million naira.


10 richest bloggers in nigeria and their net worth

Stella is a Nigerian born blogger but lives in Germany. Blogging is one of her hobbies. She runs the blog, A platform to learn about Nigerian fashion, style, gossip, and various entertaining events. Stella has an estimated net worth of 164 million naira.


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10 richest bloggers in nigeria and their net worth

Ademola Ogundele is the founder of the blog, A popular blog where you can find good and trending music available for download. He started the blog in 2006. Seems 2006 was a year for bloggers breakthrough. The net worth of Ademola is estimated to be about USD$400,000.


10 richest bloggers in nigeria and their net worth

Jide is one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of 21 million naira. He runs the blog called The site focuses on publishing articles on how-tos and guides for making money from online business.


Liadi runs a blog site that is popular across Nigeria. She writes about celebrities, fashion, movies etc. Her blog is known as

Blogging has proved itself to be an interesting hobby. It is not a waste of time as one can generate so much money from it the way Linda Ikeji and the rest of the top 10 have benefited from it.


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