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The perfect business those looking to make extra income should know about (Video)



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As a single mother of two boys running this business successfully, I do get mails and chats from people who read my story of how I started with little capital, no knowledge whatsoever, and grow my business to 6,7 figures monthly to advise them on what business to do.

Last week alone, I got 21 of such mails.

These emails were from moms, dads, and those who are looking for a profitable business they can start ASAP without much capital and requires low/no technical skills.

If you’ve read about me too, you should know that I started with ZERO tech skills, low capital, but I have grown to know about many delicious and profitable opportunities.

So if I should recommend a profitable business for a mom, dad, or anyone looking to make extra income, who only has a start-up capital of about ₦50,000 – ₦100,000 ($150 – $300), and say you have about 3-6 hours to spare a day, I would recommend what I am currently doing… We call it the Smart E-commerce.

What is Smart E-commerce & Why Do I Recommend It to Moms?

Before I tell you what smart e-commerce is and why I recommend it, I want you to stop for a moment and think about what many people spend their money on asides shelter, transport, school fees, food and drinks.

If you think about it carefully, you will agree with me that most of what we spend money on comes down to physical goods that helps us live a more comfortable life and enjoy life better.

Things like:

  • Phones, Tablets and other mobile gadgets
  • Bathroom products
  • Make-Up and other Beauty products
  • Stuff for Kids
  • Health Supplements
  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry (Beads, Wristwatches etc)
  • Shoes
  • Fitness products
  • And so many more.

The point I’m trying to make is this…

“People spend a lot of money every year on physical products and that is why companies like Jumia and Konga are growing FAT every year”

The market for these products is HUGE and UNLIMITED. And majority of these products are imported from India, China and USA.

So to succeed and make a lot of money getting and selling these products, you don’t need big websites like Jumia and Konga. No. As a matter of fact, using the Smart E-commerce approach, you could make millions from a single product sale.

How Smart E-commerce Works

Let me explain how Smart E-commerce Business works with a short real life story.

It is a case of a stay at home mom that came in contact with us and our inner circle.

According to her, she has always needed a way to generate some income, and so she wanted to start a fashion design shop. But her capital wasn’t enough to get her the shop and equipment she needed.

So along the line, someone introduced her to Smart E-commerce. And after a few weeks, using the Smart E-commerce approach that she’s learnt, she was able to import her first product from China.

The product was a simple mini hand-sewing machine that anyone could use for simple cloth adjustments.

See the picture below:

Each of these mini sewing machines cost her about ₦800 to import (product cost + shipping to Nigeria).

At first, she imported 40 units which costs about ₦32,000.

Then she started selling them for ₦5,500 each using Instagram (without even having a website).

To cut the story short, she sold all 40 units within her first two weeks, and had to order 200 units more.

Within her first 7 weeks in the business using the Smart E-commerce approach you’re going to learn too, she sold about 240 units via Instagram and made around ₦1.2m in net profits.

Now think about it – How many businesses do you know of where one can start with as low as ₦50k and make ₦1.2m within 60 days?

Not forgetting the part that she made this through following instructions, smart work, and taking action as at when due.

And with her story, you can understand what Smart E-commerce is all about.

But in case you don’t, let me spell it out for you

Smart E-commerce is All About 3 Things:

(1) Showing you how to search for at least one physical product that solves problems for people or help them get closer to their desires.

E.g. In the example above, the mini sewing machine is a tool that helps a lot of moms especially, to easily make adjustments to clothes without having to go to the tailor and without buying a standard sewing machine. Make sense?

(2) Showing you how and where to buy these products at the lowest cost possible (China or USA) and how to best get them to your location, anywhere in the world.

E.g. Like the woman, she bought the sewing machines from a dedicated, and trusted supplier in China, and imported them via an established shipping company that we use to avoid heavy customs charges.

(3) Showing you WHERE to sell them using Genius Marketing Methods for good ROI.

E.g. In her case, she simply sold them using just Instagram ads, and made good Return On Investment.

That is what I have said and always tell people that you can make millions from a single product when you use the Smart E-commerce approach.

And right now, the overall E-commerce business in Nigeria and every part of the world is booming.

The current Ecommerce spending in Nigeria is estimated at $12 billion , and is projected to reach $75 billion in revenues per annum by 2025. As you can see below;

That is about ₦4.8 Trillion Naira (at ₦400/$).

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this business model, any time, any day!

I also recommend the Smart E-commerce business model because:

– You don’t need a lot of money to start (you can start with as little as ₦50k or $150)
– The market for physical products is HUGE and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of products to sell)
– You don’t need a shop or office to start
– It is not time-consuming (that’s why even moms with kids can do it too)
– And the profit can be fast and mouth watering

But as you can see, this business is NOT for broke or unserious people. Or those that are looking for a get rich quick scheme – NO.

It’s a business model that has completely changed my life and the lives of countless others that were serious and dedicated to changing their lives.

So, enough of the talking… Let me give you access to a Step by Step Video Guide that will show you how you can get started in using the Smart E-commerce business model.

Mind you, this is a 2 hours in-depth training done by the very guy that trained me, and many others on how to successfully use the Smart E-commerce approach to make good income for ourselves and our families.

Click Here To Register and Gain Access

Note: The video access link will be privately sent to your email after confirmation. So you can access it as fast as possible. Because the video will be taken down within the next 48-72 hours from now.

Click Here To Register Today

One more thing…

In case you’re having doubts if this business model will work for you or not, my answer is that you are not alone. Many of us thought so before we decided to take action and give it our best. As long as YOU can follow simple instructions… IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

Click above to register, get access to the video training and watch it ASAP before it’s taken down.

Remember, good things come to those who take action, and work hard for it. Not those who wait anymore

If you feel you have all the time in the world and are okay with your financial status, then fine this isn’t for you, you can skip this. Cause this is for ONLY those that are tired of how their income is and have made up their minds to do something about it.

It is now your decision to make.

Register now for free, gain access, watch the video training till the end and get started.

I wish you all the best.

Cheers 🙂

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