The people crying will still vote this govt next election – BBNaija’s Vee

Big Brother Naija 2020 finalist, Vee, has opined that Nigerians who are lamenting about hardship will still make the same political choice in 2027.

According to the reality TV star, when the next election reaches, those who have been crying will vote for the government and inflicted suffering on them through its policies.

People crying will still vote the same govt next election - BBNaija's Vee

Vee, who seemed fed up with the Nigerian political history shared her opinion through Twitter (X) on Tuesday and described the phase as a constant cycle of corruption.

She stirred a debate with the comment as supporters of different political parties argued in defence of their favourite.

The BBNaija star ex-contestant wrote; “You know the craz!est part about all of this? Some people will still vote for this same government in the next election. A constant cycle of corruption.”

View her post:

@BundleOfHissss commented; Their style of politics thrives when the citizens are in poverty. This will only help them when bribing their way to power

@Mautiin01; Yes because the whole issue started yesterday afternoon. MEDESE you can do better

@RealMibanti; I doubt! The hardship is supposed to reset everyone’s brains. We suppose to start only one tenure on this government

@Chachababby; May Apc never happen to Nigeria 🇳🇬 ever again

@Ahlexmoralex; I will still vote for him.. on tinubu mandates I shall stand

@EuniceVince2; A very corrupt set of people and govt…may god help us in this country 🙏🙏🙏

@withthelegs; Give them small rice and they’ll forget the years of suffering. Ill people are suffering because they like the easy route! They don’t believe in delayed gratification for a better future

@august12th_; 6 months to elections, they will improve electricity, negotiate with terrorist to stop terrorizing, import food and stable the economy for that long, promise its continuity if elected and voila. Apc will get all the 25% needed to secure their seat

@Lexyzdoo; I’m the some and I’m the people because next election I’m voting Tinubu because I must do my own back. Tinubu till infinity ♾…. Me voting for Tinubu come 2027.