The easiest way to get a girl is to send her money – Tolanibaj

Big Brother Naija 2020 star, Tolanibaj has shared the easiest way a man can win a woman’s heart in this modern era.

She took to her Twitter page and said that if a guy wants to get a woman’s attention, all he has to do to send her money and gifts.

Tolanibaj, a DJ and Influencer said any man that adopts that strategy will stand out from the rest that are shooting shots at the girl.

She wrote; “If you like a babe, send her gifts and send her money. Simple This is the easiest way to stand out from the rest of the men in her dms. Stop wondering why she isn’t showing any interest. It’s 2023. Wake up”

See the post:

@Vikky4_; This is why they use the word acquire for some ladies. Anyways, mumu men will try to stand out. May the highest bidder win in the competition of interest.

@Ayodelebiodun; This mindset is shared by at least 95% of Nigerian women,affection to them is transactional,they are open to be sold to the highest bidder. But when Danny said he’ll acquire them,they were all foaming.

@St_lecrae; So it’s like an auction, who brings the most money and bigger gifts gets the girl??

@Ejiro_OS; It’s not even a bad thing to get gifts for your partner but that is really a factor to make him stand out? So the one that buys you more gifts stands out better? Do you people even thing about anything aside what other people’s money can get u?

@SIRKAY142; I will never forget that Chinese man that bought how many hundreds of iPhones and still got rejected. Who can please a woman? Women and nonsense talk.

In other news, a Nigerian lady identified as Josephine has called out her friend’s boyfriend for borrowing money from his babe and refunding the exact amount.

The young woman took to Twitter and revealed that the man asked his girlfriend to send N20,000 to his mechanic.

He had apparently exceeded his daily transfer limit which is why he made the request from his babe with the promise to return the money.

The man kept to his promise and refunded the N20k, but Josephine felt disappointed that he did not add anything to the money.

She revealed that it happened in the morning on Monday and his action made her generalise that men have no conscience.

Josephine tweeted; ‘‘My Friends boyfriend asked her to transfer 20k to his mechanic yesterday cos he has exceeded his daily limit ,this morning, he returned the money 20k exactly, Nothing else,men have no conscience.”

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