The concept of marriage doesn’t make sense to me – BBNaija’s Vee

Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown’ contestant, Victoria Adeyele popularly known as Vee, has stated that being married cannot serve as an insurance in any ‘form or shape’.

The singer and reality TV star recently sat down for a chat on Clout Africa podcast where she admitted that the concept of marriage does not make sense to her at the moment.

concept of marriage doesn’t make sense to me - BBNaija's Vee

Vee said love and marriage as an institution do not always co-exist, noting that she has never really experienced true love as she’s just been in relationships.

She said she wants to be in a place where she feels secure, and marriage is just vows’ that people break every day, so she does not feel that it is ‘all in all’.

The 26-year-old BBNaija star admitted that her opinion may be born out of the fact that she is young, and she has never really experienced true love.

Vee said; “Being married not a form of insurance in any ‘form or shape’. It’s just vows and people break their vows every single day. I want to be in a place where I feel secure. I haven’t really been in love…. so for now the concept of marriage doesn’t really make sense to me.”

Watch her speak:

@UGOOTWEETS commented; The race to outfool Tacha, Phyna & Tolanibaj is truly on this year.

@6oss_x; “may be because I’m young”, she already said it. She’s enjoying her prime now. Men, remember her face. Don’t settle for her and the likes of her in their decline.

@rymnd_ben; How e wan take make sense to you before you wey Dey alone😂😂

@mr_stitch01; She has already explained why the concept doesn’t make sense to her. “She’s young”

@SmithDCorey; The concept of marriage for men doesn’t sit right. It’s no point in marrying a woman. Once you get married now she owns the relationship. Soon as a man doesn’t act right she will recite the vows to work in her favor. The worse thing is in the end once you get divorced she takes you for everything.

@NAzharTheGreat; Marriage can indeed seem perplexing from various perspectives. Its a complex institution with evolving meanings. Perhaps viewing it as a balance between independence and partnership might offer a fresh angle for consideration.